Biographical Sketch Of Brother Nuri Muhammad

Born on November 21, 1974, Brother Nuri Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam in 1992 at seventeen years of age. Having a strong will and mind and a desire to do something positive for himself, his family and his people, Brother Nuri was consistently active in all aspects of the Mosque and became a fervent student of the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. His zealousness soon landed him in the Assistant Minister position within the same year of joining of the Nation.
Brother Nuri relocated to Chicago, IL in 1994 to continue to his study in the Ministry. As a Student in the Ministry at The Headquarters of The Nation of Islam, Brother Nuri was responsible for teaching the Orientation and Processing class for the men. He was also given the task of conducting a Study Group in Ford Heights, IL.
In 1996, Brother Nuri moved back to Indianapolis and assisted in the Ministry until he became the active coordinator of the Study Group in Indianapolis. With in six months of being over the Indianapolis Study Group it became chartered as a Mosque. Since then, Mosque #74 has been named the Most Improved Mosque of the Central Region and has also received the Most Outstanding Mosque status of the Central Region for several years. During The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s visit to the city of Indianapolis in August of 2005, he referred to Brother Nuri as anointed and gave him the Holy Name “Nuri,” which comes from Al-Nur, meaning “the light.”
Under the local leadership of Brother Nuri, Mosque #74 has increased its membership, purchased and renovated a state of the art facility (affectionately called the “Miracle on 38th Street”) which houses the new Mosque, Muhammad University of Islam, Bismillah Childcare Ministry and Learning Academy, Eat To Live Café and Studio 74 Barber and Beauty Salon. Brother Nuri has inspired and enhanced the community through his powerful lectures and the example that he maintains within self.
Brother Nuri is always involved in the community fighting for justice, counseling and mobilizing our people for self reliance. Because of his commitment and steadfastness, Brother Nuri is often called upon to address various bodies at high schools, college campuses, churches, Mosques and other community organizations nationwide and abroad. Furthermore, duplications of his addresses are requested nationally and internationally. 

Brother Nuri has cherished the 5th day of July since 1994 as his union to his beautiful wife, Sister Terri Muhammad, who is his greatest support in The Mission. They are the proud parents of Sister Haneefah, Brother Ishmael and Sister Qahharah.

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  1. I really enjoyed the tape The Way to Change Self. I will listen to it again and again. Brother Donald’s mother testimony really hit home with me, my sister and nephew are still going through this same thing, unfortunately he is now 16. Brother Donald mother is right in every thing she said. I will share this with my sister.

  2. I have been to several Mosque and none of them have welcome me so warmly in my time of trying to make the right decision and that is to write my letter and become a full member but all the love I get now I cant wait to recite and get my X I can imagine the Love I will truly be surrounded with when Im completely submerged in being a Mgt . Brandy K.

  3. As Salaam Alaikum Family, Thank you for all the hard work you are doing and will be doing in the future, may ALLAh continue to bless you and the family. Walaikum Salaam

    Brother Brandon X P. Harrisburg, Pa.

  4. ASA! I have been to the mosque ever since i was a little boy until now. I knew Brother nuri and sister terri ever since i was 2 years old. The mosque is what i have looked up to in my life and me growing up from the daycare to the MUI. I loved the MUI very much. I loved going there everyday ready to learn and i love sister Terri as my grammar teacher, and math teacher and Brother Willis Muhammad as my Islamic studies teacher. And also, I loved sister Angel Muhammad as my science teacher and my social studies teacher and sister Bianca X as my math teacher. I miss all of them deeply and it was the hardest thing in my entire life was to leave the MUI. But i love the mosque and all of the believers always welcomed me in the mosque with full respect. This is what the type of society we need in life!

  5. I enjoyed both lectures in Jacksonville brother please don’t let that be the last time you’re in our city God truly spoke through you brother

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